Diary of a Crossing Guard, Sophia Edition

I'm not sure whether to begin today's edition of "Diary of a Crossing Guard" by saying:

"Picture it - Sicily - 1922..."


"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?"

So, we had an incident in the crosswalk this morning. About halfway through my shift, while I was in the middle of the road crossing several families, a car decided to blow both the red light and my stop sign. The driver appeared to be paying attention to a cell phone instead of the road.

I could not get the driver's attention by waving or shouting, so I ended up slamming my stop sign into his hood and the right side of my body against the side of his windshield. Fortunately, that DID get his attention and he stopped just before he would have run over my foot and less than a foot from a family in the crosswalk.

Everyone is okay. Unfortunately, I didn't get the guy's license plate because I was more concerned with ensuring that all of my crosswalkers were okay after they got safely to the other side. Speaking of side, my right side is fairly sore, but probably just bruising. An incident report with witness info included has been filed.

People, PLEASE, for the LOVE OF GOD, put down your dang cell phones in school zones. And elsewhere, too! Several people, including myself, could have been seriously injured this morning. By God's grace, we weren't. SLOW DOWN, CELL PHONES DOWN, PAY ATTENTION IN SCHOOL ZONES AND EVERYWHERE ELSE!

Diary of a Crossing Guard, Day WHO KNOWS?!

One of the parents in the crosswalk today made my morning with the following:

"Where were you yesterday morning? I missed having eye candy in the crosswalk."

Thank you, dear parent. I've come a long way these past few months in abandoning the frumpy mom persona I'd taken on and began anew to fix my hair, wear cute clothes and put on makeup. I know appearance isn't everything, but having my efforts noticed made my day.

Diary of a Crossing Guard, power of positive thinking edition

It's going to be 74 today here in balmy north central Texas. So despite the 48-degree temps this morning with drizzling rain and gusty winds, one dad is ready for later: new convertible, top down. Winter, perhaps, is only a frame of mind.

Diary of a Crossing Guard, Day ???

I would rather melt through a thousand Augusts than freeze my tutkus off through 1 windy and frigid December day. I am going to need warmer EVERYTHING than I currently own if I'm going to make it through the winter and the brutal winds of my crosswalk.

John Wesley's Covenant Prayer

I felt inspired to set John Wesley's Covenant Prayer to this awesome (creative commons licensed) picture this morning...now, it's not just in my heart, it's shared with all of you! <3 span=""> Have a blessed day!